Dealing with an infected tooth can be uncomfortable and concerning, but a root canal can save your tooth and relieve pain. If you’re unsure whether you need this treatment, we’re here to guide you.

In this article, we’ll explore the signs that indicate you might need a root canal, how to know if it’s the right choice for you, and debunk common myths about root canals.

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

If you’re experiencing any of the following signs, it may indicate the need for a root canal:


  • Persistent tooth pain: Severe, persistent tooth pain, especially when eating or applying pressure, could be a sign of an infected tooth.
  • Sensitivity to temperature: Increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, even after the source is removed, may indicate an underlying issue.
  • Swollen gums: Inflamed and tender gums around the affected tooth can be a sign of infection.
  • Darkening of the tooth: Discoloration or darkening of the tooth may suggest the presence of decay or infection.
  • Prolonged sensitivity to sweetness: If your tooth is sensitive to sweet foods or beverages, it could be a sign of nerve damage.
  • Painful pimple-like bumps: The development of pimple-like bumps on the gums could indicate a dental abscess.
  • Tooth Mobility: Loosening or shifting of the affected tooth can be a sign of infection affecting the tooth’s stability.

Are Root Canals Bad for You?

Root canals have received a bad reputation over the years, but modern dental advancements have made the procedure safe and effective. A root canal is actually a beneficial treatment that can:


  • Relieve pain: Root canals are designed to eliminate tooth pain caused by infection or inflammation.
  • Save your tooth: Instead of extracting the tooth, a root canal allows you to keep your natural tooth, preserving your oral health and smile.
  • Prevent further infection: By removing the infected dental pulp, a root canal prevents the spread of infection to other teeth and surrounding tissues.
  • Restore tooth function: After a root canal, your tooth will be restored to its normal function and appearance, allowing you to bite and chew comfortably.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned, seeking professional dental care is essential. Mundo Dentistry is here to provide high-class, compassionate dental care in Fort Mill.

Our skilled team will assess your condition and recommend the best treatment, ensuring your dental health is in the best hands. Don’t let an infected tooth hold you back – take action and restore your smile with a root canal.

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