Dentista Cerca de Charlotte, NC

  • We offer the Highest Quality, Most Efficient, Dental Care at an Affordable Price.
  • We Create a Fun, Calming, and Interactive Dental Environment.
  • We celebrate diversity.
  • We think of our patients like family.


We offer the Highest Quality, Most Efficient, Dental Care at an Affordable Price.

•Highest Quality, Long-Lasting Dental Care
It’s important to us that the work that we provide you lasts a long time.

As long as you take good care, our work will stand the test of time as we use the most advanced technology and highest quality materials to complete your dental treatment.

•Same-Day Dentistry
In our present-day, life has become more demanding. In an effort to save you time, we at Mundo Dentistry provide same-day services whenever possible, using the most current dental technology available. Same-day cleanings, deep cleansing, fillings, crowns, bridges and tooth replacement via implants are all available in an effort to respect one of your most valuable commodities: Time.

•Affordable Pricing with Best-in-Class Treatment
It is important to us as care providers to offer you our best-in-class services at a price that’s very affordable but also allows us to provide you the long-lasting treatment that only the most up-to-date technology and materials can provide.


We Create a Fun, Calming, and Interactive Dental Environment.

•Fun, Fun, Fun
Fun is at the heart of everything that we have created at Mundo Dentistry.

From the flow and feel of our office to our engaging staff to our business policies and procedures, we encourage the child that lives within us all to show itself.

•Calming and Interactive
Having a calm, beautiful environment is just the first step we have taken to ensure that your experience with us is one of peace and comfort. In each operatory, we provide our patients the ability to watch TV, listen to music and even pick their favorite Pandora station in an effort to make them feel more comfortable.


We celebrate diversity.

No matter what race, nationality, creed, gender identity or sexual orientation, we embrace differences and enjoy learning about each other. We respect, value and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We also believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face our communities.


We think of our patients like family.

We want to create a lifetime bond with our patients, and we promise to always provide the level of care and service we would provide for our own family members. We do our best to take our time, LISTEN, and explain all options so that you can decide what is best for you and your family’s dental needs.




3463 US-21 #101,
Fort Mill, SC 29715


  • Monday 8 - 5PM
  • Tuesday 8 - 5PM
  • Wednesday 8 - 5PM
  • Thursday 8 - 5PM
  • Friday 7 - 2PM
  • Saturday 8 - 2PM (every other Saturday)