Dental Sealants

As a kid friendly dentist in Fort Mill, we are focused on preventative care. In addition to cleaning their teeth, one of the ways that we do so is with dental sealants. Many children have deep grooves in their teeth.  Bacteria, food particles, and plaque can become trapped in these grooves and lead to cavities.  Dental sealants, are a preventative treatment that fills these deep grooves and is a painless and fast way of preventing cavities.  At Mundo Dentistry, we have found this to be a simple way to prevent our young patients from getting cavities.

Regular Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments for kids and teenagers is a tremendous and proven cavity prevention tool. If you aren’t on public water, this is even more important for preventing cavities. Decades of research has shown the kids receiving fluoride treatment are 30% less likely to get cavities. If you live in the Fort Mill, Pineville, South Charlotte area, we invite you to schedule a dental exam by calling 704 825-2081


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